Why Living in North Phoenix May Be Right for You

arizona sun
Phoenix is nicknamed “The Valley of the Sun” for a good reason. It is where you can enjoy great weather almost all year round. Plus, there are resorts, spas, casinos, restaurants, and shopping sites. If you have plans to buy condos at a property management company Gilbert AZ, the following reasons will convince you to do it today:

1. You will never worry about wet season ever again.

In North Phoenix, you can have as many as 300 sunny days in a year. You can explore the area as much as you want. While temperatures can go over 100 degrees for months, you have plenty of time to discover the attractions in the city, as well as meet new people.

2. Munch on tacos and other Mexican goods.

In general, Phoenix is known for authentic Mexican food. Going around the city, you will find at least one taco truck in every corner. Also, you do not have to leave the comfort of your car when buying food with the drive-thrus all over the area.

3. It’s a great city to be active.

desert ridge activityIf you have always had the problem of finding activities that will entice you to enjoy the great outdoors, North Phoenix gives you various options. Go horseback riding, rock or mountain climbing, fishing, cycling, and hiking. You have almost 190 parks to visit with 33,000 acres of preserved land. If you have already made friends in the area, you can invite them to a picnic and play Frisbee in South Mountain Park and Preserve.

For a more laidback activity, you can simply watch the sunrise at Papago Park’s Hole-in-the-Rock. If the temperature gets too high, you can cool off at any of the water parks in the area. As you can see, the options are endless!

4. Play some sports.

arizona sportsYou do not have to be the sporty type to play a round of golf. The city has always been considered a golfer’s paradise with more than 200 golf courses available. The Phoenix Open also takes place here, which is a large professional golf tournament.

Meanwhile, if you do not want to play, you can sit back and cheer for your favorite sports teams. Watch a basketball game where the Phoenix Suns represent the city. Other teams include the Cardinals (NFL), Diamondbacks (MLB), and Coyotes (NHL). Of course, if you are a fan of car racing events, there is always NASCAR to entertain you.

5. No sweat in navigating.

The city has a grid road system that allows locals and visitors to go around without any problems. With 20 miles of light rail transportation, you can explore North Phoenix and the surrounding areas easily. Best of all, the pathways are clean and safe. Traveling around the city is affordable as well. You can also hop on your bike because a huge portion of the roads is bike-friendly. If you come from a place that suffers from heavy traffic, North Phoenix will surely be a breath of fresh air for you.

The city is guaranteed to be a great place to live in. Whether you are still single or you have some kids, North Phoenix is a wonderful choice for all kinds of people.

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